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Welcome to Switch Fire Games. Warlord Games and Army Painter stocked here.

Useful Info

Starter sets


These are the best place to start. As the name suggests, these have everything you need to start.

They normally have two factions (teams/sides), the main rules and a some quick rules to get you playing.

You will often get some extras such as templates and tokens you wouldn't get by buying individual kits. Plus dice. 

All in, we think these are a must if you are looking at a new game.

Hobby supllies


The great thing about wargaming is building your armies and creating your battlefields!

You will need various items to do this: Glues, paint, paint brushes and craft knives are just the basic items.


These are the tool for cutting your miniature from the spru and trimming away any excess (flashing) on metal and resin.

Knife and Files

Using a sharp blade is vital when trimming away some mould lines and bits left behind after using snips.

Files are also very good for the removal of mould lines.

Pin Drills.

These are small one handed drills needed to make holes in gun barrels and help with pinning larger models together.


There are three main glues which themselves can be broken down again, if you want to get really technical, but here are the basics:

Poly Cements

Commonly known as plastic glues, these provide a great bond for your plastics. They work by melting the surface and fusing the parts together. Making the bond very strong, but very difficult to take apart.

Super glue.

Best used with metals and resin.

You all know this one, you've probably stuck your fingers together at some point with it. The best type for our hobby are the gels. Better control and the ability to slightly reposition things before it sets is always good.


Poly vinyl acetate, the white gloopy one that kids use in school. This is the most versatile. You can thin it, mix it with paints, use it as a sealant but most commonly, this is the one to use when adding sand, grit, etc. to your bases.

Paint Brushes


There are many different types of brushes on the market. We stock the ones made by the guys at The Army Painter.

Some brushes are made with a certain technique in mind. Be sure to know which brush is for what, as a dry brush won't help you with painting details.

Everyone will tell you to use this brush or that but you'll find ones that work for you.

Remember, which ever brushes you end up using;

Don't over load them with paint.

Don't stand them on the tips.

But do wash them regularly during and after use.